Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy Unbirthday

I have an app on my Iphone called Cupcake Maker. It's a game I guess you could say in which you choose a flavor and go through all of the steps involved in making a cupcake. You mix ingredients, line cupcake pans with decorative cups, bake them, and finally decorate them. I got this particular app to show Allie and teach her some sequencing. I showed her how to do all of the steps once and then click the next arrow and she got it down fast.

Well today, she was making cupcakes and decided to decorate one and added a few candles to it. She handed me the phone and said, "Happy Birthday Mom!" I looked at her and then at the phone and she said, "Candles Mom, blow them out." I told her it wasn't my birthday and asked her if it was hers. She said no, so I said it was both of our "unbirthdays." We sang "Happy Unbirthday to Us" and had a ball. At the end of the song we cheered and both blew out the candles on the screen.

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